March 25, 2015

Black Car, 1991 Honda Civic Si

Black Car, 1991 Honda Civic Si

This a Sport Injected of the Civic offered by Honda to American user, known as Honda Civic Si. As the picture is a fourth generation Civic comes in 3-door hatchback built in 1991 done a lot of maintenance, has around 211K miles. Canadian car ready to go.

Detail by owner
1991 Honda Civic Si original engine and body at around 211000 miles. Done a lot of maintenance, plenty of life left!

Alot of money was put into maintenance should last the new owner another 120K miles easy. Brakes were bleed recently and engine oil has been change every 3500 miles. Great of gas, easy to drive even for beginner manual drivers. Engine running smooth and strong. Very good transmission.

  • Minimal rust
  • Clean interior
  • Whole front end suspension was rebuilt approx 3 months ago by a certify Honda mechanic. Will provide receipt of work.
  • New steering column
  • New cv joint
  • New ball bearing
  • New tie rods
  • New Exedy clutch
  • New interior blower motor
  • New door hinges
  • Has a stereo and aftermarket speakers
  • Lowerd on coilovers
  • Skunk2 headers
  • Generic catback exhaust (doesn't sound ricey at all!)

  • Hood has fading paint
  • Hood is a little mis-align and wonky

Comes with 14inch steelies on Goodyear winter tires. Will throw in some 16 inch OEM Del Sol rims.