April 15, 2015

1931 Late Model A Ford Pickup

1931 Late Model A Ford Pickup

This American vintage truck produced by Ford, it's a late Model A built in 1931 has been fully restored and rebuilt. Very nice old pickup truck in excellent condition ready to go.

Detail about this pickup
1931 Ford Model A Pickup

Engine and Drive Line:
  • Rebuilt by Albuquerque Auto Machine
  • Inserted and counter-balanced
  • "Red Stripe" racing cam
  • Thomas high compression head (6.1 compression ratio)
  • Leakless ball bearing water pump
  • Cooling through Brass Works high performance radiator (10 FPI) w/4 lb pressure cap
  • 180 deg thermostat
  • Oil filter kit with modified timing cover (Uses Motorcraft FL-1A filter)
  • Remund (Pertronix) electronic ignition
  • High Speed Distributor cap and wires
  • Rebuilt distributor
  • Tillotson Carb
  • Professionally rebuilt transmission
  • Mitchel Overdrive (Provides 6 speed forward)
  • New pressure plate, clutch, pilot and throw out bearings
  • ARIES performance muffler
  • Safety Fuse
  • Heavy Duty/Modern Starter drive
  • 12v Alternator /High Speed Pulley
  • Air Maze air filter
  • 2 blade aluminum fan

Body Features:
  • Correct rear fenders for late '31 wide bed
  • Good paint: Ford Maroon body on Black Fenders (minor chipping along center hood hinge)
  • New powder coated engine pans
  • Stainless cowl lights with turn signal option
  • Running board step plates

Extra Features:
  • Always garage kept
  • Halogen headlights and brake lights
  • Dual tail lights
  • Turn signals integrated through tail lights and era-correct front mounted BLC lights w/amber lens
  • Custom/one-of-a-kind oak bed rails
  • Custom/one-of-a-kind etched wind wings
  • Radiator stone guard
  • Auto Meter temp gauge
  • Complete wiring harness replaced
  • Separate (out of sight) fuse panel for accessories
  • Seat belts
  • 12v horn
  • Stainless front and rear bumpers
  • Front brake floaters
  • Cast brake drums
  • Complete rebuild of front end
  • Teflon tie rod and drag link bushings
  • Correct (rebuilt) Dog-bone shocks/linkage
  • Excellent Goodyear Diamond Tread tires and tubes (5)
  • 4 wheel alignment and balanced
  • CB radio: COBRA model 18WXSTII with Firestick II antenna
  • Original New Mexico 1931 (truck) license plate
  • Maintained with AMSOIL synthetic
  • Floor mounted fire extinguisher
  • Battery maintained on Battery Tender (not included)

  • Wiper update (parts avail)
  • Windshield adjust
  • Minor paint touch up along center hinge of hood

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