May 28, 2015

1920 Ford Model T Delivery Truck

1920 Ford Model T Delivery Truck

Very old truck almost 100 years old still on very good condition, awesome runs and drives well. As the pictures is a rare Model T C-cab produced by Ford in 1920 looking who's want to keeping and loving him.

Detail by seller
Very nice running and driving truck.
Rare Model T C-cab.

This special vehicle looks, drives and preforms as it did in 1920. It's previous owner is the proprietor of "Three Fingers Eddie" Fire Works Company in Hew Hampshire. The Antique whisky barrels you see on the truck bed are said to originate from Al Capone's warehouse in Chicago. They go with the truck. Also included are the two expertly done wooded signs you see attached to the sides of the truck bed frame. The one sign reads "Cartage Company", 2122 North Clark Street, Chicago, Ill. The history of that address is that on Valentine's Day 1929, Al Capone ordered the massacre of members of Bugs Moran's army. In addition seven of Moran's men were lined up against the brick wall of the SMC Cartage building then mowed down by Capone's crew. Needless to say that the Model T's previous owner was a Capone buff.

This truck is in very nice condition and is a blast to drive!