May 23, 2015

1966 Mini Cooper Classic

1966 Mini Cooper Classic For Sale

This a British icon is a Mr bean car made by the British Motor Corporation (BMC). As the picture is first generation of the British small economy car commonly known as the Mini Cooper or Austin Mini was released in 1966 has been rebuilt motor and transmission looking for new home. The Mini is considered equivalent of the Beetle, Renault 4CV or Fiat 500.

Detail by owner
This is a classic 1966 Austin base model Mini and has had a recently rebuilt 1275 S motor installed with a rebuilt 4 speed transmission with taller gears for the freeway. New header and exhaust system and newer dry suspension. Everything on the car works and has a remote control hidden radio with 10" Miniator aluminum wheels including on the spare with good tires. As seen in the photos the floor pans have no rust and the trunk looks just as good. The body is not perfect but as seen in the photos it still looks pretty good. There are some spare parts that go with the car also including the original steering wheel. This car is really fun to drive gets looks and smiles wherever it goes and fits anywhere.