May 17, 2015

1997 Toyota Supra Limited Edition Twin Turbo

1997 Toyota Supra Limited Edition Twin Turbo For Sale By The Owner

This the Japanese Grand Tourer Car produced by Toyota, as the picture is limited edition of fourth generation Toyota Supra comes with Targa Top powered by Twin Turbo engine mated with 6 speed manual transmission has 56000 original miles excellent condition looking ready for sale or trade.

Detail by owner
1997 Toyota Limited Edition Twin Turbo Supra 6 Speed Manual Transmission Targa Top (with a Single Turbo upgrade Conversion, complete ProEFI e85 injection with Flex Fuel installed with e85.

I have over $30K invested just in the past year of upgrades from over 50k in the car without the price of the car, not a show car to just look pretty and not be driven, it's a car meant to be driven and puts down useable daily driveable power!

$39,995 that's $25k under value for used car market for year and model and upgrades with my mileage, don't use the car, someone who would enjoy it, deserves it otherwise I will scrap the parts and car, it's gotten to a point that it is just taking up space!

Only 2 Types of Trades accepted 2005 and above Acura NSX with non flip up lights manual transmission and E30 M3 with comparable upgrades or S54 E46 motor installed and running perfectly and perfect condition and no other issues.

Too many upgrades to list. If you are interested come and see the car. Title in hand, first person takes it.

ProEfi ECU (Stand Alone)
Custom Dual Tone interior with Suede inserts.
Rare TRD Custom Steering Wheel with Cruise Control Controls (Cruise Control Deleted from Engine for power can be reinstalled if needed by you)
Boost Gauge
Exhaust Gas Temp Gauge
Upgraded Clutch, drives like daily but can handle up to 900 wheel horsepower
C's Short Shifter
Two Racing Fuel Pump System
Virtual Works Modified Stock Intake Manifold
1200 Hp Wastegate
1200 Ho Blow off Valve
T04R with custom A/R Ration Turbo
Front Mount Intercooler
Complete $9,000 dollar internal with
JE pistons and upgraded Rods and Pins with Valve Spring Retainers with Shot Pinned and Balance Crank, Balanced and Blueprinted by Technosquare (Receipt on Hand)
Tein Coilovers
Custom Carbon exhaust with Titanium Tip Exhaust
Turbo, Headers, Exhaust Pipe Heat resistant coated
Dyno sheets available right under 700 on e85, internally built and Capable. Turnkey Daily Driver no modifications or upgrades needed.

More High quality pics upon request..

Gotta see it. The car only has approximately 56,000 miles on it, registered and turn key and drives. AC Cools perfectly, heater warms excellent and interior and Radio works.

The nitty gritty.
  1. What needs to be done for it to truly be a perfect car. It's time for the Turbo to be upgraded, this car is built to handle 900+ horsepower and the turbo is older generation, occasional when you run it hard and long it will put out white smoke which means its burning little bit of oil, typical for older turbo's but the Motor was rebuilt and perfect so no concerns there
  2. The upgraded Tein suspension is getting old and needs to be rebuilt or replaced, the newer kits are better and just like any suspension things get old and need to be replaced. The newer systems work better and are cheap. I have seen great parts anywhere from $600-900.
  3. Couple small door dings here and there but minimal for its age, the car does get double and triple takes and people still stare while parked or at a red light.
  4. Lastly the car is a 1997, its not a brand new car or a $90,000 show car, this is car that is driven and can be daily driven. So please to lowball and don't waste my time or yours. Thanks
  5. Rear bumper was painted because it was Fading from the sun, 2 small quarter panels/vents aas well due to fading. Front Hood and Front Fenders repainted due to some neighborhood troubler makers egging the car and it damaging the paint permanently.

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No Longer Available