May 20, 2015

2006 Mitsubishi Evolution IX MR

2006 Mitsubishi Evolution IX MR

This performance variant of the Mitsubishi Lancer commonly known as Lancer Evolution, or just Evo, as the picture is the ninth generation called Evolution IX was released in 2006 comes with MR packaged excellent condition with 104K miles on it. The Evo is traditional contender of the Impreza WRX by Subaru.

Detail by owner
This is a very fast car that has been carefully driven and impeccably maintained. With respect for the car, the new owner, and my own personal safety you can not drive it until you are serious enough to bring a cashier's check (you don't have to hand it over before hand). I am happy to show you the car and take you and you alone for a short ride. I love to talk cars but have little time so please don't waste it.

This is one of the last Evos off the assembly line, build date August of 06. It is a MR so it has a 6 speed, aluminum roof, and Bilstein shocks. Because there was no 07 evo the last run of MR's were upgraded to SE with a zero lift front lip, gurney flap on the wing, diamond black forged BBS wheels, red stitching on the seats, HID headlights, and halogen fog lights. A very rare car.

The car is in very good condition. Title is clean, carfax is clean. I have owned it since it had 6,000 miles. As far as I know it is mechanically flawless. All fluids have been changed on or ahead of schedule using only factory fluids. It has been absolutely reliable. The only original parts that have failed are the radio and the hvac blower motor. It has never been on a racetrack and has never been launched. The original clutch is still in the car, has plenty left, and doesn't need replaced for a long time if you are respectful of it. It has never needed oil added between changes. There are no warning lights, no codes, and everything works. All shocks and springs were replaced with original MR Bilsteins at ~85k miles (originals included can be rebuilt by Bilstein). Pads, rotors and brake lines were replaced at same time. Timing belt, water pump, etc. were replaced by English Racing at 60,000 miles. All electronic tuning by Aaron O'Neil at English racing in Camas, WA. Except for alignment shop and tires no other mechanics have touched this car. Truly mostly highway miles, I drove 1400 miles cross country every month for years and live in a town with no traffic.

Interior and exterior are in good shape with the usual (light) scratches for its age. There are two door dings. The front lower lip has a scuff that has been painted. 3m clearbra was put on when I first bought it and it has definitely saved the front end from sand and stones. The clearbra has a scratch on the rt front side of the bumper from being bumped. Brand new Plinkington windshield installed last week. Recent performance alignment and all suspension bushes, bearings, and full steering sweep geometry checked recently.

Modifications: I built this car for high speed long distance travel in any condition. The level of engine modifications are relatively mild for longevity and driveability. But with these mods adding a larger turbo and injectors it could easily make 500+ hp at the wheels. All stock parts are included except exhaust.

Wheels- original 17" x 8" BBS forged wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires 7/32",6/32" tread OE 10/32. Very precise, very sticky, stock on most super cars.
Enkei five star wheels for snow 17 x 7 with Finnish Hakkapellita R2 snow tires. 205/50/17. 11/32", 10/32" tread, OE 12/32". These are the narrowest rims with correct offset that will fit, they clear the calipers by ~2mm. This was the last set out of the Enkei warehouse.
Body- 3m clearbra entire front end, JDM rear bumper with crash bar. Beatrush aluminum undertray with 1/4 turn fasteners for easy oil changes, Wingless truck lid *and*original trunk lid with wing (was pulled at 8k miles and is flawless), Rally Armor mud flaps.
Suspension- 28mm adjustable rear roll bar. Never installed full set of urethane bushings included
Brakes- Directional vaned high carbon rotors, stainless braided lines.
Interior- Zeitronix wide band datalogger with EGT, display hidden in sunglass holder. Hard wired for Valentine1 radar detector
Stereo- Alpine head, ARC audio 4 channel amp, German audio separates (two sets)
Engine- SpoolinUp coil over plug ignition, Walbro fuel pump, Perrin intake, ETS 3" wide tank intercooler, ETS lower pipe, Curt Brown ported throttle body and intake manifold, RRE mandrel 3" downpipe, Mil.spec high flow stainless cat, one off stainless RRE 3" Stealth exhaust.
Tune- Aaron O'Neil at English racing on dyno. Custom lean cruise to 95mph (18 city, 28 highway or 23 cruising at 90) Will post dyno shortly. 365hp at the wheels at 26.5 psi. I run 21.5 psi when at high altitude.