May 19, 2015

Automatic Red Coupe 1971 Volvo 1800E

Automatic Red Coupe 1971 Volvo 1800E

This classic sport coupe made by Sweden auto maker Volvo Cars, as the picture is the 1800E model was released in 1971 excellent condition it rare with automatic transmission that has been kept and maintained very well, only has 75,000 miles on it looking for new home.

Detail by owner
Candy Apple Red 1971 Volvo 1800E 2 Door Sport Coupe that has been kept and maintained beautifully. Only has 75,000 miles on the Odometer. Also rare is the Automatic Transmission version of this car. Handles and drives great. Can be used as a Daily Driver. Gets 25 Miles per Gallon. Cheap to fill up the whole tank.

New Alternator
New Radiator Fan
New Hoses
New Exterior Paint
New Interior Seating
New Battery Switch has also been installed.

*Horn, Radio and Windshield Wipers are not working. Easily repairable at mechanic. Antenna has also become detached. Easily reattachable. Driver side locking mechanism also needs repair.*

Type B20E. Four cylinders, overhead valves, five main-bearing crankshaft.
Electronic computer controlled fuel injection.
Full flow oil filter.
Electric fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator.

Three-speed automatic transmission.
Remote control shift.
Illuminated selector quadrant.