May 3, 2015

Awesome, 1978 Camaro Type LT

Awesome, 1978 Camaro Type LT

Here's American Sport Coupe produced by Chevrolet, it's a second generation of the Camaro come in Type LT model with T-Tops was released in 1978 very low miles has 29000 original miles. See the picture how she looks so awesome, this Camaro in excellent condition ready to go.

Detail about this Camaro by owner
1978 Camaro Type LT
This is very low mile Camaro in excellent condition,

  • no rust
  • t-tops
  • original tires
  • original paint-blue green metallic
  • original interior (excellent save for the headliner drooping slightly), tan velour with plaid inserts
  • 305/4 speed (most of these were autos)
  • Tilt
  • Original Radio
  • Tinted Glass
  • Build Sheet
  • Ziebarted
  • New muffler (original one had rusted out), remainder of exhaust is original.

It's a beautiful car which drives great even with the original tires on it (don't recommend driving it much on them of course). If you've been looking for this model and year they don't get any better than this. The paint/interior color combo is stunning in person and the affect of the t-tops makes it that much better.