May 17, 2015

Extremely Rare, 1958 Citroen Vanstore

Extremely Rare, 1958 Citroen Vanstore for sale

This extremely rare vehicle from French, as the picture is a classic food van called Citroen Vanstore made by Citroen built in 1958 comes with sliding roof, it still on original condition has 40000 original miles looking for new owner. It would be coolest food van in the U.S. one and only.

Detail by owner
Here is the one and only Citroen VanStore in the United States. It has 40,000 original miles, original paint, nothing has been updated. This came straight from a garage in France where it sat for decades.

The amazing feature of this van is it has two roofs, one that slides back and makes the truck twice as long. It also has side doors the entire length of both roofs so when parked it is twice as wide and long as when you drive it.

I have used it for car shows and flea markets and I have never seen so much interest from all types of people. If you want an eye-catcher for your business, this is it. If you want the only one in the U.S., this is it.