May 18, 2015

Old Barn, 1955 Jeep CJ5

Old Barn, 1955 Jeep CJ5 For Sale

This the civilian version of the famous Willys military Jeep, as the picture is a CJ5 built in 1955 was influenced by the Korean War Jeep. The CJ5 repeated this pattern, continuing in production for three decades while three newer models appeared and the CJ5 also has the distinct honor of being a vehicle that was hard to kill off... equaling the longest production run of note.

Detail by owner
I found this RARE Jeep in an old barn 35 years ago. Bought it and had the motor, etc., rebuilt at a professional machine shop. . . Had it rewired. . . reupholstered. . . new exhaust system and much more. Drove it for probably 10 miles and had a little problem with the carb (needle valve adjustment). Parked it in a shed, and that's where it's been since. I still don't have time for toys. This Jeep has the original HARD TOP - DOORS - RADIATOR PROTECTOR. Body has NO RUST. It has always been under cover.

A rare find! I have a lot more than $5000 in it.