May 15, 2015

Nice Restoration, 1953 MG TD

Nice Restoration, 1953 MG TD

This British classic roadster produced by MG Car Company, as the picture is fourth generation of T-type Midget commonly known as MG TD was released in 1953 come in black has been full restoration and has powered by the Japanese Datsun engine ready to go.

Detail by owner
Here we go..........This is an absolute smiles per miles champion. I have NEVER gotten so many waves, horn beeps, and smiles from any car in my life. I never go out without something nice and friendly happening. People must think I am nice just because I drive this old TD?

The facts about the car are as follows:
Original stock 1953 MGTD body formerly from Arizona and Florida.
Repainted in the not too distant past...but no rust or wood restoration whatsoever. Paint job is decent, but not superb.
New Cooker wide whites
New brake
New real nice interior of velour
Engine and drive train from 1974 Datsun B210....You remember.....the first real economy car from Japan....That NEVER broke down, but was maybe 65 horsepower and was pretty slow....
Just right for a TD which was maybe 60 horsepower and pretty slow, but NEVER ran. This little jewel has never needed anything to keep it running in the 3 years I have owned it. It has the character of the MG and the utilitarian stone reliability of the B210. Somehow, whoever put this together----and they really did a nice job----- even got the MG valve cover (or, at least, the MG badge) on the Datsun engine. Check out the picture of the engine. The shift lever is MG; the pedal box is MG; the dash is MG. You cannot tell it is not all MG, except, again, it IS running and you can drive it instead of work on it.
This is RARE and will win peoples choice awards at most small shows. I tell you it is a grin.

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