May 13, 2015

Ready For Restoration, 1970 SAAB 99

Ready For Restoration, 1970 SAAB 99

Here's a classic compact executive car from Sweden made by Saab Automobile export to US in 70s, it's the SAAB 99 come in 2-door coupe was released in 1970 he has swapped engine to younger and bigger mated with a manual transmission, it a running car but its not for a recent years. A solid car, its would be a nice object for your restoration project.

Detail bay owner
Good day, thanks for your interest. I wish I had time to work on this car, but someone should get the chance to get it back on the road.

It is a 1970 SAAB 99 (has a title), but the original 1.7 L engine was swapped at some point for a 2.0 L that is from ~1973, carbureted paired with a manual trans. I did have it running and driving, but it has been a couple years. I had overheating issues and had a classic British car mechanic swap the head and fix the water pump. Brake calipers were replaced, but the master cylinder still needs attention. The clutch also needs to be bled properly since the line was fragile and split while I was working on something else. I imagine it could be started again over the course of a dedicated weekend.

The body is actually very solid. The roof and top of the doors have surface rust, and there looks to have been a minor impact on the passenger side front corner (small dent). The two most notable rust spots are the trunk lid which is shot but replaceable and the passenger side wheel well, right under the brake line has a hole that can be patched.

Interior is shot, besides the back seat and the headliner (perfect, of all things!). Dashboard is cracked, but all there. Glass is intact. The car came with a dealer(?) installed Coolaire AC unit, but it is separate from the car. There are a few spare parts in the trunk including a replacement electric radiator fan.

As for price, I don't see too many of these early 99s up for sale, but it is also in need of a lot of work...$750.

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