June 22, 2015

1943 Ford GPW Jeep

1943 Ford GPW Jeep For Sale By The Owner

This a four-wheel drive utility vehicle that was manufactured during World War II for the U.S. Army. It very early generations of military light utility vehicles. As the picture is a military jeep were built by Ford in 1943 commonly known as GPW jeep we are knows Initially, only two companies has a production license to build military jeep its time, the American Bantam Car Company and Willys-Overland Motors. Until at late in 1941, Willys-Overland could not handle the number of the production demand then Ford was contracted to help them. The Ford car was then designated GPW, with the "W" referring to the "Willys" licensed design. Approximately 280,000 jeeps produced by Ford during World War II and this one of them.

1943 Ford military GPW jeep. This is a historical vehicle meticulously restored to near original specifications. If you interested here please visit link below.