June 23, 2015

1945 CCKW 6x6 Deuce

1945 CCKW 6x6 Deuce

1945 CCKW 6x6 Deuce For Sale

This is American original World War 2 military truck made by GMC, as the picture is a 2½ ton 6×6 cargo truck open cab variant built in 1945 commonly known as the CCKW Deuce and a Half has been European modified that saw heavy service in WW2, it formed the backbone of the Allied armies supplied in Europe after the Normandy war.

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Detail by owner
1945 CCKW military 6x6 deuce and a half. I have owned this truck for 10 years. I have gotten other projects and interest and don't get this out often as I like, so I am putting it up for sale.
Runs and drives.

This truck was stationed in NJ during the end of WW2. Was then refit in 1952 and shipped to Belgium as foreign aid. It sat in a warehouse until it was hand picked and imported by a collector to Canada. Then passed hands to one other collector, before I imported it back to the USA.

Has been rented to movie productions on occasion. I have not actually done that myself.

Has canvas and bows for the bed.
Unrestored BAR mount (missing track and trolley)

Note it has been European modified. Holes in tailgate for lights and grill bar bend (for petcock).