June 21, 2015

1969 Opel GT

1969 Opel GT

This a two-seat sports car from German offered by Opel, as the picture is first generation of the Opel GT was released in 1969 needs a little body work condition is good. It relied partly on components from the contemporary Opel Kadett B and had a body made by French contractor Brissonneau & Lotz. Its styling has been likened to the 1968 Chevrolet Corvette.

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Detail by owner
Rare For sale or trade, car is complete runs beautiful needs a little body work.
I will also throw in
2 hoods
1 set of doors
1 set of seats
2 front bumpers
Brake lights
Blinker lights
Brand new distributor caps
1 set of head lights full mechanics
1 Brand new starter
1 weber carb
3 original carbs maybe 4
1 alternated
1 new clutch
1 extra radiator
1 full motor gasket kits
1 extra set of rear bumpers
1 extra complete differential
1 extra drive shaft
1 rear window
1 extra gas tank
Set of brake drums
And all the Opel stuff I have a lot of extra part

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