June 28, 2015

1974 Jensen Healey

1974 Jensen Healey for sale

The British classic roadster which was the best selling Jensen of all time. Total more than 10K units were produced by Jensen Motors Ltd and this one of them. As the picture is a Jensen Healey released in 1974 powered by 2.0L Lotus 907 Twin Cam with manual transmission has 96K miles on it, looking for new owner.

Detail by owner
1974 1/2 Jensen Healey 2.0L Lotus 907 Twin Cam, 96K Miles, original California car.
I've owned this car for the past 30 years but the time has come to find it a new home. It's had a near-full restoration and new paint. Engine rebuilt @ 91K miles), rebuilt to European specs (107 cam) and 40mm Delortos. Forged JE pistons, head done by West Coast racing head service including SS valves. Electronic ignition and MSD. While the engine was out the entire front end was stripped, powder coated, new ball joints, rod ends, etc. Better than new in many ways.

This year the car was resprayed to take care of some scratches and door dings that had happened over the years. This was a high-end paint job and the shine is truly awesome. I have no doubt that this is one of the nicest JH's in California. It isn't quite a concourse level since there are a few mods here and there, however I only made changes and improvements if they added reliability or performance. The car has a one of a kind air intake which is far better than the original muffler looking setup. The engine compartment looks like a super car.

The car starts easily and runs well but is tuned a bit on the rich side which it likes. Overall the car is in fantastic condition and it gets complements nearly every time I drive it. With the electronic ignition it has been very reliable. I wouldn't think twice about taking it on a long drive.

The Negatives:
The clock doesn't work. This can be fixed but I didn't see a need for it so it's right twice a day.
There is some paint under the brake master cylinder in the engine compartment that has been damaged from a leak from a master cylinder that went out a few years ago. This would be simple to repair and is not very noticeable.
When the car sits for a week or so a drop of oil gets on the exhaust manifold and you can smell it during the first few minutes. Valve cover leaks are a common issue with the Lotus 907.
The foam in the visors has disintegrated so they sag. These can be redone by any auto upholstery shop.

There aren't a lot of comparative cars around to judge this car against for price. Therefore, NADA guidelines don't really apply in this case. This car has had so many upgrades and high quality paint the car is priced accordingly. It's truly a unique car and it attracts a lot of looks and questions.

Included in the sale are a box full of odd spares I've collected over the years.

The time has come to sell this as I simply don't drive it much anymore and would like it to go to someone who will enjoy it.

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