June 2, 2015

Amazing 1967 Volvo Amazon 122S

Amazing 1967 Volvo Amazon 122S

This a beautiful classic executive car offered by Volvo to North American user. As the picture is the Volvo 122S commonly known as the Amazon was released in 1967 come in white 2-door coupe, amazing condition looking for new home.

Detail by owner
I am proud to present an amazing Volvo 122S for sale. It is wearing a rare two tone color combination of Pear white (code 79) and Black top. Interior black leather is in pristine condition and dash board is mint and scratch free. Even the original Volvo stereo works perfectly. I tried to take photos by which I could describe the originality of this Volvo to the best of my ability. Still seeing the car in person is the only way to realize the amount of time been spent on this car. Only time I pulled out this Volvo to take its photos, I was stopped by many curious folks who instantly fell in love with this beautiful classic.

This extraordinary has remained under supervision of a college professor who thought in San Francisco City College all its life. I am proud to say that I have brought this Volvo to show car status while maintaining its capability as a daily driver. This Volvo could be driven across the country as you wish and it will deliver your destination to you at ease and pleasure. Following is a summary of what has been done to this Volvo after I took over from the first owner:

1- Complete body respray to the original factory color Pearl White color code 79.
2- Re chroming front and rear bumper and other tired trims.
3- Replacing carpet and Headliner with the original materials.
4- New breaks.
5- Rebuilding Both Carburetors.
6- New fuel Pump.
7- Complete tune up of the engine.
8- All fluids flushed and replace by factory recommended fluids.

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