August 14, 2015

1985 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ45

1985 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ45

This classic all terrain pickup truck offered by the Japanese auto maker Toyota ro American user, as the picture is a HJ45 Land Cruiser built in 1985 has 53000 original miles, all same as the FJ45 it came with 4 wheel drive except on engine, FJ with gas while HJ with diesel. Very nice custom classic Land Cruiser looking for a new home.

Detail by owner
This HJ45 is a one of a kind Costa Rican Custom Classic!

You're looking at a remarkable 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ45 Diesel pick-up truck that has undergone a complete frame-off restoration. The frame and body have been painted with a kevlar coat that is nearly impervious to scratches and chips. This truck boasts the best upgrades including a Toyota turbocharged diesel engine, factory power take-off (PTO) winch, bed lift, big tires, and a Land Cruiser OEM snorkel.

The Toyota 13B-T is a 3.4 L, inline 4, eight valve OHV diesel engine with a turbo charger.

This HJ45 is originally from Costa Rica and was restored in Costa Rica where FJ/HJ45s and FJ/BJ40s are common. While thorough and complete, this is not an all original, museum collector's restoration. It was, however, extremely well done and has this truck ready for action!

This Land Cruiser is loaded with all of the goodies and that's why it has a price in the mid-thirties and not the mid-twenties.

This is not the FJ45 (gasoline) but rather the HJ45 (diesel pick-up) which is very rare in the US in any condition and absolutely non-existent in this custom configuration.

It was imported to and registered in Texas in 2013 where I hold a clear Texas title.