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1987 Suzuki Forsa

1987 Suzuki Forza

This is a rare car and was rebranded in the US as a chevy sprint. However it is a Suzuki Forsa. Motor swapped to a twin cam 1300 Suzuki engine, 5 speed trans. Motor has some nice upgrades including headers and ignition. Great little car that gets 30+ mpg and you can take it out to the track and beat it up! The suspension is pretty stiff and drives like a go cart. Engine is strong and runs well. Interior is partially stripped, no back seats or carpet. Exterior is not prestine and has its flaws.

Detail by owner
Cons: Front windshield is cracked so will need a new one and can still be found. Will cost about 150-250 depending on where you go. I got the car like this and never changed it. Front lip is a little cracked. Its fiberglass so it can be patched. However I just duct taped it. I believe the clutch is reaching its near replacement. Still drives fine, but needs adjustment of the cable more often.

This is a nice little ride and you won't find another like this!
Here we found at craigslist


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