August 13, 2015

Rare, 1932 Hupmobile Series-I 226 Executive Car

Rare, 1932 Hupmobile Series-I 226 Executive Car

Here's a American antique car made by the Hupp Motor Company, as the picture is a Hupmobile Series-I 226 Executive Car 4-door sedan was released in 1932, it's extremely rare only 650 cars ever produced and this one of them still like new condition has only 79983 original miles on it. If you interested please read detail below.

Detail by seller
This is a 1932, 226I, Hupmobile, and according to the Hupp Motor Club, it's the last original model left running in the world today. Although this award winning automobile has presided in Sonoma County for the last twenty three years, it lived most of its life in Walla, Walla Washington, where it sold off the showroom floor for $1,675. This was the high end of the middle class during the depression and this was when one could buy a Model A Ford, for $375. On the upper end the Duesenbergs and Packards sold for $3500 and up.

This car belonged to a developer in Walla Walla. As you can see, this was designed to be an executive car, but not flamboyant enough to be a "millionaire's" car, as the Duesenberg or Rolls Royce. But this model Hupp was for the elite of the middle class. It came with curtains, an extended rear seat with footrest and bar for the appropriate lap robe.

It weighs approximately 4,500 pounds and has newly rebuilt mechanical breaks, steering and suspension. This model was originally called the Cycle Fender Hupp, designed by Raymond Loewy, since the design flair of the fenders gave it a look of motion when standing still. Loewy designed many contemporary pieces of art including the Studebaker Avanti and the coca cola bottle. This Hupp exemplifies the beautiful curves of the American thirties. It has a straight eight engine, and puts out 103 horsepower.

The Hupmobile company produced 650 units of this model among the twelve different models they manufactured that year. The Hupp Motor Co. was in existence from 1909 to 1941.

This rare beauty has been kept covered in a heated garage for the last twenty three years. It is also celebrating its 83st birthday, and looks as though it was recently on the showroom floor.
Insured for the last ten years with J.C. Taylor for $70,000