September 16, 2015

Rare, 1982 Ferrari 308 GTSi

Rare, 1982 Ferrari 308 GTSi

Do you remember American classic drama series in 80's takes in Hawaiian setting entitled Magnum, P.I. yes if remembered you should know and familiar this car. As the picture is a V8 mid-engined, 2-seater sports car the Ferrari 308 GTSi 1982 model year quite rare and it a survivor car very clean come with 34 K original miles and an impeccable maintenance history!

The pics as confirm, all looks awesome and perfect shape, all original perfect and works as well also, no bad mentioned and no needs nothing. More photos or videos just ask. Overall it a beautiful collectible Italian Sport Car, 1982 Ferrari 308 GTSi ready to go for $63000. If you interested go meet him and prepare your deep pocket. I hope it's a real car and no hidden by seller.

Details by owner
1982 Ferrari 308 GTSI with 34k original miles and an impeccable maintenance history! 100+ photos & video located below! Please feel free to share this listing with anyone you know. Who knows, it could very well be someone's dream car!

This Ferrari was purchased by the current owner in 1988 with only 11k miles on it. This is by far the most well documented 308 you will find within the market place. It has been meticulously maintained by the same professional hands since 1988. The recommended 30k mile service was performed on the Ferrari at 21k miles and then again at 29.5k miles. Over 18k has been spent on the Ferrari just within the last five years. There are two extremely reputable outfits who have maintained this vehicle over the course of his twenty seven year ownership. Autodino & Bob Hindson Racing.

The current owner is an avid car guy who is not only thorough but he is someone who has a very deep love and admiration for all collector cars. This Ferrari has been the corner stone of his collection for quite some time and I can tell you that no expense has ever been spared during the course of his ownership. Every bit of work that has ever been done to this vehicle, was done by professional hands. This car has never seen rain nor snow. It has been kept indoors in a climate controlled garage for the past twenty eight years. If you're a fan of the 308's, I can assure you that you will not find a better quality survivor vehicle then this one.

Within this Ferrari you will find all of its original equipment such as the Targa Top as well as it's original tool bag. All VIN stampings through out the Ferrari correlate with one another. Cosmetically, she is absolutely stunning. Mechanically she is astonishing. She has zero mechanical issues. Owning this Ferrari is about as close as one can come to being able to travel through time. So if you would like to see what it was like to drive a 308 off of the showroom floor in 1982, this is your opportunity. Asking $23,000 or best offer.