September 8, 2015

Rare Late Model Jensen Healey

Rare Late Model Jensen Healey for sale

This best selling Jensen of all time was offered by British automaker Jensen Motors Ltd, is two-seater convertible sports car as a fast luxurious with excellent handling. As the pictures is a Jensen Healey 1974 model year still on quite good condition looking for a new home.

The pics as confirm, all looks good with some rust, red painted, originally is blue and the engine has been replaced it with a younger T75 Lotus engine looks well maintained has 26500 miles on it mated with 5 speed manual transmission. Dash has some crack, overall is pretty good Jensen worthy to restored. Very nice British Roadster with some works to fixes be perfect, if you interested please read details and description below. Come to see, is a must, asking $3750.

Details by owner
Rare late model Jensen Healy with super rare JH5 side badges. Car is originally form California. When I bought it there was a 73 motor in it for some dumb reason (early development motors were dumped on Jensen by Lotus). I replaced it with a very late model T75 Lotus engine that still had the air injector pump with injectors in the head with the cast iron manifold. Those were removed and holes plugged up and has after market header. It might even be a motor from a GT but have not researched what it came from. The GT's had that hardware and some late true 75's. The late Lotus motors were the most reliable and lasted much longer than the earlier ones and were not prone to burnt vales. Wants to rev high!

The 5 speed tranny is much better than the problematic 4 speeds. Also used in the BMW 2002 tii and sought after for racing trannys.

Has K&N air filters. Runs fantastic and engine/bay is pretty clean. Shifter has replacement shims and does not rattle as they tend to do over time. It's tight.

The front end has been completely redone with new urethane bushings & new KYB shocks. I recently had a front end alignment with road height leveling done at True-Line. Very tight steering even without sway bars! The rear shocks have been replaced too.

Newer fuel pump.

Factory hardtop. Has no soft top or frame(but can find one on ebay). It's all or nothing!

Rare rims! Gives it a unique look.

It has a replaced driveline that eliminates the carrier bearing problem. Hood has NO kink in it at the lift support! When was the last time you saw that!

The car appears to be originally blue and for some goofy reason was painted factory red. What's weird is that there are some areas that are repainted red that a normal paint job you wouldn't do. Perhaps a change at the factory? The paint for the most part appears to be original to the date of the car as it has cracks in it you see from original paint these many years later. But what you see is what you get so you can tell it hasn't been wrecked.

Actual mileage unknown. Odometer shows around 27,000 but seriously doubt it. But it did sit for a good number of years as it has a certificate of non-operation from 1993-2000 and did not run until 2014. I was told the motor had mileage in the 50M range which I bought from an ex-Lotus dealer owner in Tacoma who used to race Jensen's (and won a lot!).

What it needs:
Has some rust areas behind front fenders. Fixing those area with a complete re-spray and you got a great looking car.
Dash (typical) is cracked. You can get a dash matt cover from Delta.
Floor pans not in great shape and should be replaced.
In need of tires as ones on it are old & cracked but hold air (no leakage). Buyer can decide what kind of tire to put on depending on how you will use it. Some 205-60-13 would be awesome on these rims.
Rims need a good polishing. I polished one area to see what they would look like and they will look fantastic when complete. Will try to do the other 3 this weekend.
Temp gauge not working at this time. New sending unit?
Carpets are old...
Exhaust is passable but could use an update for better sound. No rusting leaks.
Depends on how much you want to restore. Hey it's a 40 year old British car!
Get it now while it's still extremely affordable!