October 8, 2015

1990 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

1990 Nissan skyline R32 GTR

1990 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

One of the best Japanese Grand Tourer based on the Nissan Skyline range offered by Nissan Motors, as the picture is a third generation Nissan Skyline commonly known as the R32 released in 1990 its a GTR series come with some modified and upgrade, looking for good owner.

The pics as confirm, the exterior looks good and solid shape, no dent, no rust issue. The interior looks okay, the engine looks good come with a Nismo treatment and hope has good maintenance also. As always if you want to buy come to see is a must. Overall it's a pretty good vehicle for 25 years old used car and still able running fast also as long as no hidden issue, 1990 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR ready to go for $28000 location in Vancouver B.C.

Details by owner
1990 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR (MODIFIED/BUILT)
The car is located in VANCOUVER, B.C, CANADA.
You will need to import/tow vehicle yourself. Will not be driving it down for seller.

The vehicle was purchase about 6 years ago as my project/dream car. Many hours were spent fixing her up and getting to where she is now. I am at a point of where there are other priorities that come first thus this is the first to go up for sale. I built this car with some power in mind but mainly reliability. I spent the money where it should be spent. I have gotten nothing but compliments every time I drive. She break necks. I've driven many cars and honestly driving this GTR has been the best car I've ever driven. Built by my friend and I, this car made 558hp on 19psi. It has been detuned to retain its reliability. Has a lot more potential but having that much HP on the street is just too much.


-CP Pistons
-Eagle Rods
-Greddy timing belt
-Tomei Adjustable Cam Gears
-Supertech Valve Spring Kit w/Ti Retainers
-Supertech intake valves
-ARP Head Stud Kit
-JE Head Gasket
-Nissan Oem Water Pump
-Nissan N1 Oil Pump
-Tomei 270 Pon Cams
-ACL Main Bearings
-ACL Rod Bearings
-Spool Head drain
-Tomei Valve cover baffles
-Tomei Oil pan baffle
-Nismo engine mounts

-R33 5speed Push transmission
-ACT NX6-XTSS - XT/Perf Street Sprung clutch
-Nismo clutch slave
-Nismo clutch fork
-Nismo transmission mount

Turbo system
-6Boost turbo manifold
-Tial 44 MVR wastegate
-Tial Q Bov
-Borgwarner S300sx 83-75 .91AR
- Greddy intercooler

Fuel system
-OBX fuel rail
-ID 1000 injectors
-Aeromotive Fuel pressure regulator
-Walbro 400 Fuel pump

-LS2 coil packs
-ZZ performance plug wires
-Copper spark plugs

-Meister R coilovers
-Aftermarket adjustable front upper control arms
-Aftermarket adjustable front tension rods
-Hicas lock out bar
-Varrstoen ES2 Rims 18x10.5 +15 (Hankook V12 running 295 on all 4)

-Nismo 320km dash (83,xxxkm)
-AIM MXL Race dash
-Nardi 350 Deep corn steering wheel
-Nismo shift knob
-Red stitching shift boot
-Red stitching Ebrake boot
-Bride Zeta III bucket seat

-N1 Front bumper
-N1 sideskirt
-N1 Chibi Spoiler
-N1 hood but missing front lip on it
-N1 headlights
-Led tailights ( Will come with STOCK taillights)

-Top speed pro-1 catback exaust
-Custom down pipe
-Custom dump pipe
-Custom Power steering reservoir
-Custom Catch can
-Cusco Rear strut tower bar
-A/C deleted
-Hicas deleted

The cons
-Front bumper lip has been a bit beat up
-Some paint blemish but it is 25 years old the car has been that colour from japan. I am the second owner since landed in Van. 1st owner brought the car over in that colour.

I'm sure I am missing a few things.. but this is a car you need to come see in person.