October 2, 2015

Very Rare Edsel 1958

Edsel 1958

Very Rare Edsel 1958

This very rare American antique car offered by Edsel to American user, as the picture is early model year the Edsel commonly known as the Ford Edsel because this car was developed, and manufactured by the Ford Motor Company under Edsel brand. Built in 1958 powered by gas-engine mated with 400 automatic transmission on steering wheel come in 4-door hardtop still on original condition! Runs and drives. Very rare!

The pics as confirm, it looks so great and solid straight original old car, no dent mentioned. Unfortunately no engine pics and minimal interior photos to review, but on the whole of think it looks so perfect car for your light restoration project. if you interested come to see is a right decision. 8 of 10 points be given as original old car.

Details by owner
Original! Runs and drives. 3 rd owner. 400 automatic on steering wheel! Very rare! 4 door hard top!