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1974 Volkswagen Single Cab

1974 Volkswagen Single Cab

1974 Volkswagen Single Cab

May some of you be confused...
What..!? The Volkswagen T1 1974 model year...? are you kidding me...
No... it absolutely not a joke... yeah this true an original Volkswagen split screen were built in 1974, yes is not Germany is the Brazilian was sold locally. As the picture is 1974 Volkswagen Single Cab very rare in US and Europe especially like its condition, he looking for a new home.

Come with perfect body frame, all looks great and straight with a bit minus it has some bubbles and chipped paint. The Interior looks good, hope all instrument and indicators work well also. The engine looks correct, runs and drives great seems had pretty well treated. I love the wood elements used on bed, are looks so cool. Overall is a seriously original Brazilian Volkswagen T1 truck in excellent condition ready on trade today, asking $22900 location in Florida. Must see to avoid a crab.

Details by owner
Rare 1974 Volkswagen Bus Single Cab in excellent condition runs and drives great with manual transmission 1500 Cc engine Need more info please here on craigslist


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