December 5, 2015

1989 Isuzu BigHorn Irmscher R

1989 Isuzu BigHorn Irmscher R

1989 Isuzu BigHorn Irmscher R

This Japanese SUV with Germany touch, yes this a special edition Isuzu BigHorn Irmscher R, based on the first generation Trooper these Bighorns come with high-end kit such as fitted special wide fender flares, Recaro seats, Momo steering wheel, Irmscher tuned suspension, bull bar, mud flaps, step rails, inclinometer, heavy-duty floor mats and power everything to improve off-road capability. As the picture is a 1989 Isuzu BigHorn Irmscher R 5-door 4WD SUV is right hand drive was offered in Craigslist for $45000 location in Savannah, Georgia.

As you seen here it's a survivor Irmscher R like a new condition, has perfect and solid body frame, all looks great with original paint. No doubt all is remarkable from outside to inside clean and neat, as always stored in garage and rarely used. Whole of these, the diesel is the best part from these SUV it looks so clean and powerful you will never get close to this trim level with your Trooper, is the Isuzu’s best gen-one engine ever made, mated with manual transmission only 22800 miles on it. Must see if you seriously want.

Details by owner
Im proud to show you a very, very rare truck - 1989 Isuzu BigHorn Irmscher R
From the time i spent on Isuzu forums i realized that most of the Isuzu guys don't even know what a BigHorn Irmscher R is, only one guy mentioned it somewhere that it was his dream truck and he wanted to do a replica of it. When it comes to people that i meet driving it, they have absolutely no idea and usually i get WOW, WHAT IS THAT?, SHE IS A BEAUTY! etc. At a local JDM meet one guy knew of Irmscher and was really excited to see it. Another guy noticed the truck, driving by my house and wanted to make a mold of the fender flares )) etc.

Irmscher - is an originally German tuning atelier that at some point of time Tuned Up some Isuzus to the point that they started looking very good. There were two models Irmscher S and Irmscher R and latter, more loaded one you see here on the pictures.

The truck is in stunning condition and has only 22800 original miles (36700km). Except very few imperfections (link is at the bottom) it is nearly in the condition it rolled out from the factory back 26 years ago. ALL, I mean ALL (air filter, vacuum lines, oil, power steering fluid, etc) the maintenance is done, timing belt is checked and looks new. Everything works perfectly. Motor starts instantly and pulls very strong for a 2.8 4cyl diesel, transmission shifts like new, drivetrain is like new. New brakes are so strong that will lock all 4 Brand new 31 inch BFG tires if pressed hard and instantly. Interior has no rattles and it rides like a modern car. Some black smoke comes out when on the boost but i read that is how they run.
Everything about this truck is - LIKE NEW

It would be heart braking to take this nice and rare of a truck off roading. It is definitely a of a show quality.

ORIGINAL PAINT! except bumpers and fender flares, they had some aging and scuffs that i did not like and were professionally repainted in original color.
When i got the truck it had some very mild surface rust on the frame and i have spent well over 200 hours bringing it to the condition you see in the pictures. Everything that had to be addressed got addressed via replacement, reconditioning, undercoating, sand blasting, powder coating etc. Original CIBIE lights were replaced by HELLA and are included in the sale.

Serious buyers only!!!