December 18, 2015

Custom 1981 Toyota Starlet KP61

Custom 1981 Toyota Starlet KP61

Custom 1981 Toyota Starlet KP61 For Sale

Here's a small car manufactured by Toyota, it's a second-generation Toyota Starlet known as the 60 series released in 1981 performed as a 3-door hatchback custom-built. Original or tidy Starlets are becoming rare and more difficult to find due, in part, to their age and proneness to rust, and because many are being converted into track and rally cars, and are thus beginning to become valuable collector's cars. And this one of being converted but not sure, anyway it could be a unique small car in here, especially as its looks. The car was already offered on Craigslist about 24 days ago looking for a $6200 location in Beaumont, Texas.

The KP61 was mentioned in the title, which means it is the only Starlet type ever sold in the USA and carries a 1290 cc 4K engine only mated with a five-speed manual transmission, it very famed for its reliability and low gas consumption, unfortunately not photographs included. The exterior looks solid and dry and comes with a custom body kit, seemed interesting no exaggeration. The interior looks cool as a young man's toys may add a roll bar will raise its rank. The Starlet is very popular in Europe and Asia.

Detail by Owner
I have a awesome 1981 Toyota starlet that I received as a trade, looking to sell to finish my corolla project. Has the n2 wide body kit, stock drivetrain, lowering springs, aftermarket wheels, Nardi steering with disconnect hub, jdm front seats, fiber class jdm bumpers, exhaust been replaced. This car drive awesome, I get a lot compliments. Asking $6200