December 4, 2015

Rare 1959 Austin Gipsy 4x4 Project

Rare 1959 Austin Gipsy 4x4

Rare 1959 Austin Gipsy 4x4 Project

Very rare find in US, it a 4x4 vehicle produced by British Motor Corporation (BMC) under Austin Gipsy brand, short lived only 10 production years from 1958 to 1968 and as the picture is a 1959 Austin Gipsy 4x4 export to California from new, today was offered in Ebay as a complete project.

The Austin Gipsy is traditional contender of the Land Rover. Very unique and heavy it from steel, bigger than the Land Rover series models, already more than 33 years doesn't run and always been indoor storage. It could be a potential start to restored. If you interested please read detail below.

Owner says
1959 Austin Gipsy. Very rare here in the USA. Sold new in California and has always been here. Both CA black Plates and Clear CA title. I have the original Repair Manual. I have a series One Land Rover an it is obvious that this was built by Austin to compete with the Land rover. Surprisingly this is a bit bigger than the land rover, built from steel and has a very heavy frame. Frame has no rust and never hit.

Complete Project. Very straight and solid. Three owner, stored indoors for 25 plus years. Last on the road in 1982. Previous owner was going to put an izuzu Diesel in it and pulled the engine and tranny. That was as far as he got. And Luckily every nut and bolt was saved. Engine and trans are strapped in the bed. Body is excellent with only a couple of blisters and no real rust. Has original upholstery and all original glass. Top bows are complete and a vinyl top is there for a pattern. Original color was dessert sand. Painted once a long time ago. 99.99% complete. I have checked it very close and can only see that the horn button is missing. Rolls and steers for loading.