January 2, 2016

Real Nice 1983 Dodge Mirada CMX

1983 Dodge Mirada CMX

Real Nice 1983 Dodge Mirada CMX

Here's a beautiful American classic car was offered by Dodge, short live production year from 1980 to 1983 based on the Chrysler J platform and less than 53K units sold during its production run. The appearance has not changed during the 4 years of production, exception of the engines specs and additional color options. Because of the low production and survival rate, Miradas today are garnering some limited interest from collectors, particularly models with the 5.9 liter V8.

As we've seen here is a real nicest sample of the final model Dodge Mirada CMX come with a mock convertible top released in 1983 has been totally restored, seems brought it back to the original condition, all looks perfect, body frame look solid with correctly shape. The interior is awesome, and the engine looks correct, it's a 318 cu in 5.2 liter V8 come with a new 4 barrel Carb. No doubt it's a rare classic Mirada with a good price, hard to find today, very worthy to consider.

Details by owner
Up for my 83 Dodge Mirada CMX. Nice condition in and out. Runs and drive strong Original interior. Needs nothing, turn key and go. Upgraded to 4 barrel Carp with intake Manifold. I have all the history and the records for this Mirada since day one. This is a real clean car and well maintained. I need to let it go, I have so many cars and I need to down size.

Ran a carfax on the Car and found out that the car bought from a junkyard in Origon and it went to British Colombia for complete restoration on 2000 then bought from there and went to California then to Phoenix AZ. Just to let every body know......