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1963 GMC 1/2 Ton Pickup Truck

1963 GMC 1/2 Ton Pickup Truck

1963 GMC 1/2 Ton Pickup Truck

Here's an American classic truck was looking for a new owner, it was offered in Craigslist about 5 days ago. As shown here is a 1/2 ton pickup truck that was made by GMC released in 1963 has been driven about 56K miles and still in good condition overall. If you're interested about this truck, its current owner asking $6000. Same of us, may some of you has a good feeling about this truck, that's would be a perfect candidate to restored.

1963 GMC V6 Engine

As you've seen here is a remarkable sample of the old GMC truck especially for its condition and ages, is said no issue, runs and drives very well with original V6 engine backed by a 3 on the tree manual transmission.

1963 GMC Interior Pickup Truck

The body frame looks solid with original paint as well as few rust was shown here but it easy job for a body expert, unfortunately no mention about a bed door. Interior looks okay all instruments and panels still there, it a good news moreover if accompanied by works well condition. Seems has 80% possibility as to be awesome sample.

Details by owner
Selling my '63 GMC 1/2 ton. It's got the original V6 with a 3 on the tree, big back window, original wood in bed (in great shape!), minimal rust, clutch feels good, body is straight, all the lights work and all glass is in great shape, windows roll up and down no problem. Mileage reads about 56,000, don't know if the odometer has rolled or not but it runs and drives great, just replaced the carb with a new 2 barrel holley and new air cleaner. The previous owner purchased the truck from his relative who bought it brand new a few years prior. He drove it fairly regularly over the next few decades and kept a lot of the service records during that time. He also had a camper top on the truck most of the time which helped preserve the bed wood and kept a lot of the weather away from the usually rust spots. This was going to be my daily but I've got a baby on the way so I need to sell it and get something with a backseat, etc. Clean title, $6,000 obo

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