April 9, 2016

1977 Mercedes-Benz 409 Crew Cab Truck

1977 Mercedes-Benz 409 Crew Cab Truck

Original Mint Condition, 1977 Mercedes-Benz 409 Crew Cab Truck

Here's we found this one in craigslist, unusual classic truck that you can seen on the roads, that was a rare truck in here, there aren't a lot of old Mercedes truck that on the US, very rarely seen especially like this condition. This an retirement of German fire service truck built in 1977 still in excellent condition with 57K kilometers or more than 35K miles on it, has been imported to the US currently are located in Medford, Oregon, and it was looking for a new home.

As we've shown here is 1977 Mercedes-Benz 409 Crew Cab Truck powered by a 4 Cylinders engine mated with manual transmission, it able ran on 65 mph for top speed and can produces 88 horse power. It can carry six persons and 1.5 tons of equipment. The truck seems has great potential as the camper conversion or just like it could actually be quite useful for many other thinks.

No engine photos and no with full interior shots are provided but it looks has perfect condition overall in and out, same as most fire trucks all over the world where is always on garage with excellently maintained to always be ready are top performance for duty only.

Details by owner
Ex German fire service Imported direct from firestation in Germany. No other previous owners stored inside heated fire station all its life. No rust. Clean. Must see. It has 4 cyl engine watercooled. Rare in usa Must see to believe Classic truck. Asking $15000