May 12, 2016

1962 Ford Country Squire Woody

1962 Ford Country Squire Woody

Vintage Wagon For Sale, 1962 Ford Country Squire Woody

Here we found this one American vintage wagon that was made by Ford, a full-size station wagon named the Country Squire was the premium station wagon model of the division, and it was the third longest-used car nameplate used by Ford in North America (behind only the Thunderbird and Mustang). As shown here is a fourth generation released in 1962. This wagon was already offered on Craigslist for $39000 located in Canyon Lake, Texas, museum find is said excellent condition inside and out only 90135 miles on it.

Details by owner
See it Huntington Beach Cruiser March 19th Museum Find one owner that belonged to the CEO of TRW, Mr Crawford's daily driver that quit driving in 1980 when he turned 90! We found it with 60,000 miles, after it was pampered in a museum for 30 years! We have put 30,000 trouble free smiles on it in the last 6 years. Original paint and upholstery still looks like new. Sam Foose our neighbor at the time got the stance just right whereby it doesn't scrape or bottom out he also picked the tires and wheels that would best show off the Black and chrome. Many trophy's! even a t-shirt car. I've had 300+ collectibles, many much more expensive cars yet not one of them has garnered the admiration from as wide a variety of people as this one.Rebuilt suspension with front disc brakes and A/C Country Squires of this caliber have sold at auction, $48,000, $63,000 and a 61 for $69,000 recently.Yes under hood looks as good and still has factory chalk marks! Like I said we had intention of keeping for ever, there is nothing wrong with it, but I have since taken up flying and my interests have changed, I wouldn't hesitate in driving it from So Cal to Florida and back it may use as much as 2 qts in 6000 miles, but other than that it rides like a new car, steering is so good you would think it might be rack and pinion, yet it is all brand new factory stock with perfect alignment. A 352 C.I. with a Cruise-O Matic, New Exhaust system, nice rumble outside yet quiet in, hidden I Pod sound system,with amp and sub woofer, Bose speakers. Excellent A/C and stops like a new car.(the last 2 pictures are of 2 comparable sales the first one sold with tan interior twice once for $63,000 and $48,000 at Barrett-Jackson. The last one a 1961 with red interior sold last Summer in Monterrey for $69,000+neither one was original I am 2 owner