May 14, 2016

1967 Sunbeam Alpine V Convertible

1967 Sunbeam Alpine V Convertible

1967 Sunbeam Alpine V Convertible For Sale

Here's we found this one British classic roadster that was made by Sunbeam, is a late of second generation Alpine Series well-known as Alpine V as shown here is 1967 model fairly nice 2-door convertible with hardtop, it carry a 1725cc straight four engine which is the largest engine options of the Alpine V range and only 44000 miles on it.

Overall is good condition and has been well cared for with some minus, but is greats all within reasonable shape considering its age. The car has been posted in Craigslist about 5 days ago looking for $8750 located in Jackson. That could be a perfect start to restored.

Details by seller
Rare Find! 1967 Sunbeam Alpine V Convertible with hardtop. Original CA car. Original British Racing Green paint, original knock-off wire wheels, hammer and tool kit. 1725cc 4 cyl engine (the largest you could get in the alpine V) 4 spd, black interior. RUST FREE CAR that retains all of the original body panels. Only some slight surface rust underneath. Previous owner owned the car for 25+ years and drove it very little. A few small dents and scratches here and there and some checking in the paint due to age, but still looks very presentable. The motor could use a good tuneup and the stromberg side-draft carbs could use some tuning as well. Water pump makes a little noise and has a slight drip. Car does not smoke and runs and drives, but not to peak performance as it had sat for a year in a garage when I bought it due to the owner's poor health. He believes the block was replaced before he bought it and the motor was rebuilt and power brakes were added at that time, 44k miles. The tach does not work, nor does the horn. I'm selling it the way I bought it. Original rust free cars like this are getting hard to find.

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No Longer Available