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1965 Matra Bonnet Djet 5S

1965 Matra Bonnet Djet 5S

Awesome French Classic Sports Car, 1965 Matra Bonnet Djet 5S

Here's a beautiful French sports car come with 2-seats mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout that was designed by René Bonnet and make it happen by Matra, is a Matra Bonnet Djet Coupé that produced between 1962-1967. As shown here is a remarkable example of the Matra Bonnet Djet 5S that was come from first Matra production year after took over all from René Bonnet, sold as the 1965 model chassis number 20024 fairly nice in yellow color.

Total 1,495 Matra Djet's was made and this one them where has been sold for €23,000 by Bonhams at Paris in early 2015. And you know what? the Matra Bonnet Djet is the pioneer of mid-engined car, then followed a few years later by the other brands like the ATS, Lamborghini, Ferrari ect.

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1965 Matra Bonnet Djet 5S Interior

Though not represented all, the photo shown is original example of the Matra Djet interior still in immaculate condition and for the ages it awesome. The dash looks simple, no have much instrument into it, even the storage no has cover, no radio, no clock for me it still looks fun, just you and machine.

Here's where the power come from, as shown here is the correct machine for the Djet 5S model, an 1,108 cc Renault Inline-four engine that was tuned by Gordini backed by 4-speed manual transmission, is said capable to produce about 90-95 hp and 190 km/h (118 mph) for top speed.

Short story about this car
A desirable Gordini-tuned model, this Matra-Bonnet Djet comes with documentation tracing its ownership back to 1984 when it belonged to Bernard Berthomiers of Tarascon, France. In May 1989 the car passed to Valter Musso of Cuneo, Italy and appears to have been next owned (from May 1992) by Defendente Marniga of Edolo, Italy. The chassis is described as un-restored, salt-free and in very good condition, while the bodywork, engine and transmission are all said to be excellent, and the interior nicely patinated.

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