October 3, 2016

1967 Toyota Stout Pickup

1967 Toyota Stout Pickup

1967 Toyota Stout Pickup For Sale

Here's Japanese old truck was posted at Craigslist about a month ago looking for $5000 located in Bothell, Washington. As you've seen here is a series of second generation light truck was made by Toyota known as the Stout built in 1967. The seller says is in good condition and is one of 4000 Stout's was imported to US, early import model that appears to be almost fully complete excluding the original engine and transmission has been driven about 123805 miles.

That's could be good start to restored, rust could be a problem, but doesn’t appear to be pervasive based on what can be seen in photos.

Detail by seller
Stout 1900 cc. Stock four speed on the column. only 4000 or so ever sent to the US this year so they are very rare. Has lots of cancer but curable. Runs and drives Great! New tires, good glass, muffler /exhaust system, brakes, tube radio even works. A real classic little pickup !

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No Longer Available