February 24, 2017

1962 Plymouth Valiant

1962 Plymouth Valiant

1962 Plymouth Valiant for sale

Found this one interesting car to restoring, just posted in Craigslist looking for $1900 located in Hollywood. As shown here is first generation of the Plymouth Valiant released in 1962 fairly cool in blue 4-door sedan body. The Valiant were known has good reputations about its excellent durability and reliability, and was one of Chrysler's best-selling automobiles in 60s to 70s, and keeping the company survive during its hard economic times on the period.

Very less details and just few photos to convince potential buyers, not all represented. This far from what's that mean about the ideal ad to make a good deal, but what we've see here it's possibly to sell.

Looking for a classic car enthusiasm with different standpoint than many laymen it could be a nicest hot rod on the future, it has perfect bone to restoration project. All looks promising represented by photos, hard to find issue from here you should come to see directly to get accurate calculation and to fit with your budget, good luck.

Details by owner
1962 Plymouth Valiant
Push bottom shifter
Runs very good
Rebuilt v6 in line
New battery
New water pump
New tires
New alternator
Power steering
Damaged door

Interested please visit link below