February 26, 2017

1968 Buick Skylark Hardtop

1968 Buick Skylark Hardtop

1968 Buick Skylark Hardtop

This a beautiful classic American car that was made by Buick, as you've seen here is fairly cool 4-door hardtop sedan well-known as fourth generation of Buick Skylark released in 1968 still look greats was shown by photos. Found this one in a pile of a lot Craigslist ads and one of many minimalist ads who tries to find a potential buyer today, asking $4995 located in San Diego, California.

Despite very less info and detail, unclear the original condition or results of restoration, and the engine bay photos not provided, that's all not matter so far the appearance looks cool in and out. This could be one remarkable example of 1968 Buick Skylark that was looking for a new owner with reasonable price.

Detail by owner
For sale 1968 Buick Skylark with 79k miles, 8 cyl 350 engine, running good no issues.

Good tires, Automatic transmission, leather seats, black interior, kenwood speakers, hardtop 4 door

Asking $4995