April 30, 2017

Barn Find, 1931 Rockne 65

Barn Find, 1931 Rockne 65

Barn Find, 1931 Rockne 65 For Sale

Found this one on Craigslist, a rare American automobile made by Studebaker Corporation under the Rockne brand. Reportedly only 24000 units were ever made in 2 production years and only 230 still exist today and this one of them. The car is being offered for sale in Tucson, Arizona looking for $14995.

As you've seen here is a barn find Rockne 65 4-door sedan built in 1931 with 6009 miles shown on the odometer. No words about the mechanical issue and no background were written in its ad, but the car hasn't been driven for a few years and is very completely reported. If you are one of those who often restore the glory of the past through an antique car, this is a perfect example for your next patient.

1931 Rockne 65 Interior

No words about renovated, but the interior shows quite decent condition for its age. No rotten hole seen from here, that's could be the perfect bone if you want to renovate.

1931 Rockne 65 Engine

Looked dusty and unkempt, but looks promising. The six-cylinder Studebaker engine is still there in his place and there’s no word about mechanical issues, we bet it's still rebuildable. If you want to find an American antique car beyond the familiar brand, the Rockne 65 is more worthy of restoration than Ford or Chevy.

Detail by seller
Went to look at a vintage BMW motorcycle and came home with the bike and this WAY COOL 1931 Rockne. What a great barn find. The owner said it hasn't been driven for a few years...has a 2016 plate on it?? I am showing a picture of the 1958 Arizona title, so it's been in Tucson at least that long...and it shows it..virtually rust free!! It looks very complete. I don't have the time or desire to restore this old gent ...but someone will. According to the Rockne Registry there were 24,000 of these made and only 230 are known to exist today (Worldwide). They were only made for 2 years.