July 6, 2017

Patina Look, 1977 Subaru Leone 2-Door Coupe

Patina Look, 1977 Subaru Leone 2-Door Coupe

Patina Look, 1977 Subaru Leone 2-Door Coupe For Sale

Found this one on Craigslist looking for a new owner. It's a nice Japanese car offered by Fuji Heavy Industries manufacturer to American users in the 70s known as the Subaru Leone. The first generation 2-door coupe released in 1977, keeps its original condition and very cool for its age. The Leone is described as a perfect bone to be restored, running condition with its original engine and mostly original factory parts on it. The body looks solid with a patina look.

Although the photos do not represent all the sections, the owner claims that the body is in good condition with some natural rust, and the inside takes a bit of work to be perfect. To prove of claim, a closer inspection would be needed to get an accurate condition and also to find out how far work is required especially for feasibility.

It's a shame the seller didn't provide photos of the interior, but the seller said it was OK with normal wear of its age, we hope it's good and there's no rot there. A closer inspection would be necessary to determine its accurate condition, the car was listed on Craigslist about a day ago and was offered for sale by the owner.

Detail by owner
1977 Subaru. 2 doors. 4 Cyl. Manual trans. Bucket seat. All original.almost all parts original from dealer. Manf. Vin plate. Made in Japan. never crash! Some natural rust. Needs rest. Interious ok. Doors panels ok.front Bucket some tears. Backseat ok. Head liner ok. The car Runs. Just $2.100 The car its in Houston Tx. Nice Japan Car!