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October 12, 2022

1969 Rover 2000 Original Survivor

1969 Rover 2000 Original Survivor

1969 Rover 2000 Original Survivor For Sale

Found this immaculate example of the British executive cars built by British Leyland (BL), under the Rover flag, being offered for sale on Craigslist asking $4,950 location at Tarzana, Los Angeles. It's ultra-rare in the US, especially in its condition, it could be a remarkable example of the 1969 Rover 2000 4-door Sedan.

The 53-year-old sedan is a highly original and complete survivor that runs and drives well with 64,000 original miles on it. The Interior is in remarkably good shape, with some retouching in its original color. This is a great chance if you want to grab a slice of British executive saloon goodness on the market today.

June 26, 2016

Immaculate 2000 Dodge Viper GTS ACR edition

Immaculate 2000 Dodge Viper GTS

Immaculate 2000 Dodge Viper GTS ACR edition for sale on Ebay

Here's found immaculate 2000 Dodge Viper GTS was offered on Ebay, as shown here is a rare original ACR (American Club Racing) edition carries a supercharged 600hp seduce a potential buyer to send him to its garage. You should to know for 2000 model, the Viper doesn’t have a forged motor like the 96-99 GTS models and does not have ABS like the 2001-2002 models, it make a less desirable than the others model year especially for some enthusiasts of the second generation Viper.

Despite with all its faults, who would not be tempted by him, with its currently condition and the recent announcement death of the Viper by Dodge, this is perhaps an appropriate time to kept it as a good investment.

Interior 2000 Dodge Viper GTS

The photos show us a very nice condition inside and out, interior looks awesome condition, seems is very rarely usage, with the special ACR plaque on the center console. According to the seller, this is one of the just 35 ACR models built that year, further adding to its value.

Engine 2000 Dodge Viper GTS

The engine bay filled by a 8.0 L V10 engine developed by Lamborghini fitted a custom supercharger kit by Paxton mated with the standard Borg-Warner T-56 6-speed, the owner says it able to produce around 600hp, with the car tuned for use on the road.

This could be a remarkable example of 2000 Dodge Viper GTS ACR edition 2-Door Coupe. The seller says that the car is in excellent condition, and it’s always been very well maintained, no issues was included.

December 25, 2015

2000 Alfa Romeo 156 SportWagon

2000 Alfa Romeo 156 SportsWagon

2000 Alfa Romeo 156 SportWagon For Sale

Found this one Italian sport wagon produced by Alfa Romeo offered for sale on Craigslist. It's a 2000 Alfa Romeo 156, nearly 15 years old and in very good condition like a new car looking for a new home. That was listed about two months ago and is still online when we posted it here. This Canadian car is freshly imported from Italy directly, extremely rare in North America, and it is a right-hand drive car ready to go.

As we've seen in the photos here, described as free of rust and mechanically well, it could be a seriously nice car to consider. Come with attractive red color and can push 190hp seems very well maintained, the car looks great and unique, so may be worth it to keep.

December 1, 2015

2000 GMC Safari AWD Van

2000 GMC Safari AWD Van

2000 GMC Safari AWD Van

Here's an American AWD passenger van produced by GMC, originally a family minivan with eight passenger seats which is built on the same base and shared a considerable number of body and mechanical parts with the Chevrolet Astro, yes this is about the GMC Safari. As the picture is a second generation of the GMC Safari released in 2000 has been custom built as an off-road camper and was offered on Craigslist 18 days ago asking for $4800 location in Toledo. The Safari has been praised for its off-road excellence, leading to its popularity with camping enthusiasts.

As the pictures are seen here, it has a perfect and solid body frame, no dent, and no rust was mentioned. Appearance looks great with the custom wheel, unfortunately, no interior and engine photos to reference so we left it to you. The owner says it has some mechanical problems but not for his performance. For more info and details please read below. Overall it could be a cool adventure camper based on a 2000 GMC Safari AWD Van ready on trade today, must see if you want him.

October 21, 2015

2000 Oshkosh M1070 Tractor Truck

2000 Oshkosh M1070 Tractor Truck

2000 Oshkosh M1070 Tractor Truck

Here the giant American military heavy duty truck made by Oshkosh, intended for pull large loads on rough terrain, yes it's the M1070 8x8 Military HET tractor truck built in 2000 very good condition, runs and drives great powered by Detroit diesel-engine with automatic transmission has 5500 original miles on it. It's would become a greatest truck on the road.

The pics as confirm, it looks so big with sturdy shape, no dent, no rust. The interior looks so good and complete, hope all instrument works well also. The engine looks good, seem had a very well treatment come with maintenance records. Overall it a very bigger truck, you will no often see him freely swing on the street, 2000 Oshkosh M1070 8x8 tractor truck ready to go, asking $49900 location in Bellingham, WA.

August 9, 2015

2000 Subaru Outback 4WD Wagon

2000 Subaru Outback 4WD Wagon

You are looking a reliable family wagon! Here you must see this one, 4WD wagon made by Japanese automaker Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) known as the Subaru, as the picture is a third generation Subaru Legacy known as The Subaru Outback in US, built in 2000 come in 5-door station wagon model with 4 wheel drive drivetrain still on excellent condition has 180000 original miles ready to go for $3950.

July 15, 2015

2000 Ford SVT Contour

2000 Ford SVT Contour

This one of the performance cars was offered by Ford, designed to be a sporty sedan with a European feel, it was based on Ford Mondeo built in 2000 and this a special SVT Contour model was intended to be an even sportier and more sophisticated version of the sporty and sophisticated car. Very popular in Europa thanks to its performance, handling and styling, he received a lot positive praise from many reviews and road tests, especially for the SE and SVT versions.

March 30, 2015

2000 Saab 9-3 SE Convertible

2000 Saab 9-3 SE Convertible

The compact executive car produced by the Swedish automaker Saab Automobile, this a first generation of Saab 9-3 comes in convertible body type built in 2000 based on the GM2900 platform. Very nice convertible has 115,000 miles, runs and drives great ready to go.

November 22, 2014

2000 Mercedes-Benz SL600 V12 AMG Sport

2000 Mercedes-Benz SL600 V12 AMG Sport

Performance combine with luxury styles, yes this German grand tourer produced by Mercedes-Benz. This the fourth generation of Sport Lightweight Class know as the SL-Class, and the pictures is a SL600 series comes in red with AMG Sport Package built in 2000, ready for trade.

September 10, 2014

2000 Honda Prelude Sports Coupe

2000 Honda Prelude Sports Coupé

Here's Japanese sport coupe produced by Honda, it's a fifth generation of Prelude built in 2000 comes with 2-door coupe and it traditionally contender for the Toyota Celica, the Nissan Silvia and the Mitsubishi Eclipse. The Prelude was on Car and Driver magazine's annual Ten Best list ten times: three times from 1984 to 1986, and then seven times from 1992 to 1998, although the biggest complaint over much of the Prelude's lifespan was the lack of availability of a V-6 engine option, especially in the US.

August 31, 2014

2000 Peterbilt 379 Cottrell Car Hauler

2000 Peterbilt 379 Cottrell Car Hauler For Sale

Here's an American heavy-duty truck produced by Peterbilt. It's a 379 series Cottrell car hauler powered by a 3406E C-15 Caterpillar diesel engine, had 550 HP, 13 Spd, Engine Brake, Low Air Suspension, 3.55 Ratio, 48" Flat Top Sleeper, 255/70/22.5 Tires, All Aluminum Wheels, Tandem Axle, has 1,200,000 miles.

Very well maintained Reliable truck. 200,000 miles on complete CAT platinum in frame overhaul with new engine ECM and engine/injector wire harnesses. The transmission and clutch were overhauled and replaced at the same time as the engine with a new balanced drive line. Both brand-new diffs were put in this spring. Brand new drive and trailer tires were also put on in spring. Michelin steer tires were put on past winter. 3-car custom Cottrell head rack, 1998 Cottrell high rail trailer in good shape ready to work with a complete new hydraulic hand control panel. New bottom rails on the trailer were done about two years ago, with a few new posts.

Only one photo is present, but he much promising, is a solid body frame and correct shape, with millions of miles still strong as he a young and had good maintenance. Overall it is a very cool American classic truck, a 2000 Peterbilt 379 Cottrell Car Hauler ready serve, was listed on Craigslist.

Interested please visit link below

June 19, 2014

2000 BMW M Roadster Z3

2000 BMW M Roadster Z3

Here's we found Germany roadster by BMW with M spec edition built in 2000. It's a first generation of the BMW M Roadster, designed for performance version of the BMW Z3, and there were significant differences between the two variants. The body of the M Roadster had many slight differences. These included front and rear bumpers, gills, rear wings, boot and mirrors.