1988 Flxible Metro

1988 Flxible Metro for sale

1988 Flxible Metro For Sale

Here's found this in Craigslist one competitor of the Rapid Transit Series city bus that was assembled and manufactured by the Flxible Corporation, released in 1988 very well-known as the Flxible Metro Bus. This 1988 Flxible Metro is said good, the interior was stripped seemed to be perfect as a motorhome conversion needs more detail please read more below.

Further described as being in good running condition, it reportedly has a new engine and new transmission as well all brake and suspension hardware since 2000. Found this one in Craigslist located in Riverside, California looking for $7500.

1988 Flxible Metro

Same as usual a transit bus it has a low floor specification, if you want turn into a motorhome, adjustments needed to free the limitations of the area impassable.

1988 Flxible Metro diesel engine

Fitted a new Cummins L-10 with low mile on it since 2000 with no problems reported able to running at 70 Mph of top speed.

1997 RTS Bus

1997 RTS Bus

1997 RTS Bus For Sale

Here's American city bus that was built under Nova Bus period, released in 1997 very well-known as the Rapid Transit Series or just RTS is a long-running series of transit buses since 1977-present still produced. As you've seen here is a great looking bus with attractive color, and there is no guarantee about free of rust, it does seem to be largely complete including all seats–the correct Detroit diesel engine with 90,000 miles on it.

It’s too cool to be left just like that, and we’d love to see it converted into RV and livery retained, despite the limited area can be passed by low-floor configurations. Found this one in Craigslist in Phoenix, Arizona for $8500.

1966 Chevy C60 School Bus

1966 Chevy C60 School Bus For Sale

Here's we found this one in Craigslist a vintage American school bus that was made by Chevrolet, built in 1966 based on the C60 truck series. The owner says is runs and drives good backed by a 327 V8 engine with 5-speed manual transmission less then 90K miles on it, and has potential to rebuilt. Although is a small block engine, some people out there said a 327 Chevy has better performance than a 350.

The bus seemed have a changed his function into camper but is unfinished, need interior work to be done. This might be interesting to bring it on the RVing and Camping season.

Luxury Motorhome, 1996 Prevost XL 40 Liberty Classic

Luxury Motorhome, 1996 Prevost XL 40 Liberty Classic

Luxury Motorhome, 1996 Prevost XL 40 Liberty Classic

Here's we found this one, the luxury motorhome based on Prevost XL 40 Liberty Classic 1996 model year. Has dimension 40' long, 12' high and 8' width, non slide, powered by a Detroit Diesel 60 series mated with 6 speed automatic transmission by Allison. The owner claims is an excellent condition with very good care. As we've seen here hard to find imperfections here, inside and out looks nice you should come if seriously.

For safety and stability reasons the Prevost make its converter product without slide, but start from 2001 and forward they offered slide as the option, but here we are talking about older units, were we think is more better to handle the reasons above. And you should to know, the older units were is non slide indeed and is a riveted motorcoach while the 2001 and forward have no rivets, that why the older is better.