Grand Prix White, 2004 Honda S2000

Grand Prix White, 2004 Honda S2000

Grand Prix White, 2004 Honda S2000 looking for a new home

Found this one being offered in Craigslist about 10 days ago and still online today. As shown here is one of the best Japanese roadster made by Honda in 2004, well-known as Honda S2000 in rare color option Grand Prix White in immaculate condition has only 30000 miles on it. Sale by third owner asking $24,000 OBO located in Tucson, Arizona.

This is first year of second generation S2000 underwent several significant changes than previous generations, such as few cosmetic changes on the front and rear bumpers, headlight, new LED tail-lights, and oval-tipped exhausts including upgrades on the suspension and drivetrain to improve the handling and stability. On the power side still retained like first generation, it has a 240 HP 2.0L inline-4 engine mated with a 6-speed manual transmission.

Nice Custom, 1996 Honda Civic

Nice Custom, 1996 Honda Civic EX

Nice Custom, 1996 Honda Civic for sale

Found this one nice example of the Honda Civic customs ever seen here at, clean and simple still retained its original shape, fairly cool with slightly low profile. As shown here is a sixth generation Honda Civic released in 1996 has been driven about 168000 miles.

This medium blue is a great option, and it looks good in photos should came if you seriously. Anyway it could be perfect offer come from a 20 years old sedan still in awesome condition with very well care for. Sounds like an enthusiast maintained example with very good driver level cosmetics and healthy mechanicals being offered for sale at Craigslist asking $5700 located in California.

Original Low Miles, 1989 Honda CRX SI

Original Low Miles, 1989 Honda CRX SI

Original Low Miles, 1989 Honda CRX SI For Sale

This a top trim level of the Honda CRX range in generally known as the SI (Sport Injected) series. The CRX was offered as a sports car with Kammback body style, with room for two passengers and has a lot of praise and awards come from various autocar media worldwide so there is no doubting what kind of this car really is.

Total 233,171 CRX's were built by Honda between 1983-1991 and gained a popularity about its performance, nimble handling, and good fuel economy. As shown here is an unmolested example of the second generation Honda CRX SI built in 1989 come with a super rare color Barbados Yellow with original low miles on it, that was listed in Craigslist about 7 days ago when we write here.

1989 Honda CRX SI Interior

For its age is a quite remarkable example, seems is rarely used. The interior is in good condition overall, though the wrapped door is scratched as well as the carpet and seats shows some minor wear.

1989 Honda CRX SI Engine

Here's one families of the Honda D series inline-four cylinder engine, designed as performance and reliability purpose with high level fuel efficient, and this was made to fitted in the CRX SI US version well-known as the 16-valve 1.6L D16A6 engine it's able to produce 108 hp. Like the Civic, due to the wide availability of parts, the CRX is popular for motorsport usage. Nowadays, the car is popular for drag, autocross, and road racing events.

Awesome 2013 Honda Accord

Awesome 2013 Honda Accord

Awesome 2013 Honda Accord

Here's we found this one early of the latest-generation Honda Accord released in 2013 had offer in Craigslist for $13500 located in Spokane, Washington. The Accord is one of the best series ever made by the Japanese manufacturer Honda, are so popular and was to be best-selling cars in the United States since long time ago.

As you've seen here is awesome grey Accord all looks cool with custom rims wheel, has been driven about 23K miles and was looking for a new home. Not have a lot details was written on its ad, but is said like new car it possible trade for a diesel truck or Toyota Tundra.