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February 11, 2024

1971 Isuzu Bellett 1600 GT-R

1971 Isuzu Bellett 1600 GT-R

Unveiling the Legacy: Restoring the 1971 Isuzu Bellett 1600 GT-R

In the world of vintage automobiles, few gems shine as brightly as the 1971 Isuzu Bellett 1600 GT-R. Imagine stumbling upon a treasure trove in the form of a "Barn Find GT-R," a relic from automotive history waiting to be resurrected. Dubbed the Japanese Alfa, this right-hand-drive beauty holds a rich narrative within its sleek lines, beckoning enthusiasts and collectors alike to embark on a journey of restoration and rediscovery.

A Glimpse Into History:
Step back to the early '70s, an era marked by innovation and automotive prowess. The Isuzu Bellett 1600 GT-R emerges as a testament to Japanese engineering excellence, boasting a rare blend of performance and style. With just 1400 units produced over two years, and fewer than a hundred remaining today, owning one is akin to holding a piece of automotive heritage in your hands.

January 29, 2016

1984 Isuzu I-mark Diesel Sedan

1984 Isuzu Imark Diesel Sedan

1984 Isuzu I-mark 4-door Diesel Sedan

Are you in search of a vintage vehicle that is unique, reliable and has a lot of character? Look no further than the 1984 Isuzu I-Mark Diesel Sedan, a rare gem from a bygone era. This Japanese diesel sedan, discovered in Los Angeles, CA, is a testament to Isuzu's commitment to longevity, fuel efficiency, and timeless design.

This car is a rare find, especially in the United States, with only 176,000 original miles on the odometer. It has been well-maintained over the years and can be purchased for just $3500. The Isuzu I-Mark Diesel Sedan was crafted with care and precision, and it is a testament to a time when diesel vehicles were known for their reliability and economical prowess.

December 5, 2015

1989 Isuzu BigHorn Irmscher R

1989 Isuzu BigHorn Irmscher R

1989 Isuzu BigHorn Irmscher R

This Japanese SUV with Germany touch, yes this a special edition Isuzu BigHorn Irmscher R, based on the first generation Trooper these Bighorns come with high-end kit such as fitted special wide fender flares, Recaro seats, Momo steering wheel, Irmscher tuned suspension, bull bar, mud flaps, step rails, inclinometer, heavy-duty floor mats and power everything to improve off-road capability. As the picture is a 1989 Isuzu BigHorn Irmscher R 5-door 4WD SUV is right hand drive was offered in Craigslist for $45000 location in Savannah, Georgia.

As you seen here it's a survivor Irmscher R like a new condition, has perfect and solid body frame, all looks great with original paint. No doubt all is remarkable from outside to inside clean and neat, as always stored in garage and rarely used. Whole of these, the diesel is the best part from these SUV it looks so clean and powerful you will never get close to this trim level with your Trooper, is the Isuzu’s best gen-one engine ever made, mated with manual transmission only 22800 miles on it. Must see if you seriously want.

June 14, 2015

Rare 4WD, Isuzu Vehicross SUV

Unleash Your Adventure with the Rare 4WD Isuzu Vehicross SUV

In a world inundated with mundane SUVs, the Isuzu Vehicross emerges as a beacon of rugged individuality. Born from the visionary minds of Japanese automaker Isuzu, this off-road marvel stands as a testament to innovation and style. Only 564 of these captivating beasts were ever born, making it a truly exclusive find for enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

At first glance, the Vehicross commands attention with its aggressive yet aerodynamic styling. Its compact, 3-door frame belies a powerhouse of capability, designed to conquer both city streets and untamed wilderness with equal aplomb. But don't let its diminutive stature fool you – this SUV is built to withstand the toughest challenges nature can muster.