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June 4, 2017

Only One in the World, 1984 Stutz Victoria Limousine

Only One in the World, 1984 Stutz Victoria Limousine

Only One in the World, 1984 Stutz Victoria Limousine For Sale

The most American-made cars and trucks can claim as much as 90% of U.S.-sourced content includes the design. As shown here is one of the classic American-made cars offered in the 80's, despite it was built in Italy but the design is deliberately like that to fulfill American taste, looking older than most cars at that time. Designed exclusively as a luxury car made by Stutz Motor Company based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

This 1984 Stutz Victoria Limousine the only one in the world with side pipes claimed by the seller. The shape and apperance look very similiar with other model the Blackhawk, the difference is only on the number of doors between both, four for Victoria and two for Blackhawk.

The interior remained with its original 24 carat gold trim, equipped a lot modern stuff with retro classic style into it, all still look clean and neat at the 33 age. On the dash has fitted the high-tech of the 80s audio system and the rear - ample legroom comes with huge trays and a TV.

This a V8-307ci engine supplied by Oldsmobile still running properly with only 11630 miles on it. It same engine which fitted at one of the Oldsmobile Delta 88 family. In my mind, it could be an Old Delta 88 goes to Italy just to makeover his clothes with expensive materials were styled by Stutz, but...

Obviously it could be amazingly car ever made, it has so many crazy things to making it happen including its ridiculously high production cost just for shipping between US and Italy. This car was a high class car built in 1984 with everything it has, sold apparently close to $100K in that time, which is the equivalent of $250K or more today. Not sure but most sources say only about twenty of this Victoria model were made and this could be one of them.

By rarity is very real and the condition was greats for its age, but the price seems like does not reflect high of value, not ideal for investment. Does it mean "Rare Doesn't Always Mean Desireable" may is the words that are suitable for this car. Would probably suit to a rich man with eccentric souls.

June 13, 2015

1980 Stutz Blackhawk

1980 Stutz Blackhawk For Sale By Second Owner

It's an American personal luxury car manufactured by Stutz Motor Company, as the picture is a sixth generation of the Stutz Blackhawk released in 1980, a unique and quite rare 4-door sedan. It's handbuilt in Italy, is belived only 350 Blackhawks ever made and sold in 1980, and this one of them.

The Blackhawk is presented well in the photos. Everything works, that was listed on Craigslist about ten days ago and was still online when we posted it here. Hard to find imperfections from here, if you're interested, a closer inspection is a must.

April 15, 2015

Very Old, 1918 Stutz Speedster

Very Old, 1918 Stutz Speedster For Sale

Found this one American antique roadster offered for sale by the owner on Craigslist. Produced by Stutz Motor Company in the 10s, commonly known as a luxury car maker based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. As well-show in photos is Stutz Roadster released in 1918, could be a remarkable example of the Stutz on the market today, is a really very old car in excellent condition, almost 100 years ago awesome.

The Stutz is a 2-door roadster model, very well maintenance, and runs and drives perfectly. Interested, please read more below.