Barn Find, 1932 Willys Overland 690 Sedan

Barn Find, 1932 Willys Overland Sedan

Barn Find, 1932 Willys Overland 690 Sedan For Sale

This American antique car made by Willys Overland in 30s, as shown here is 1932 Willys Overland 690 4-door sedan being offered for sale at Craigslist for $10000 located in Hansville, Washington. Described as an original example, that was parked in barn for the last 67 years after being driven and serve the original owner for more or less 20 years since new.

This could be a perfect bone to restored, it has been parked indoors in 1951 with only 79000 miles on it and never use ever since, now needs a light restoration in order to run properly. 86 years old car, the exterior still with its original factory paint and still in greats shape with minor surface rust and few dents as normally sign of usage.

1932 Willys Overland Sedan interior

Remarkable interior for its age, very clean and neat seems like rarely use and no need serious attention to renovated, all presents well by photos. Assuming the frame is as good as the photos show, the majority of effort on this car will go into the rust repair and rebuilt engine.

1932 Willys Overland Sedan Engine

This flathead six-cylinder engine is believed to be genuine, and needs a lot of attention in order to make run again. Some parts have been installed and updated but have not made them run, if interested you should come see directly to find out how far the job will be needed.

Daily Driver 1953 Willys Aero

Daily Driver 1953 Willys Aero

Daily Driver 1953 Willys Aero 2-Door Sedan

This an American antique car that was made by Willys, was a line of passenger cars manufactured first by Willys-Overland and later by Kaiser-Willys Corporation from 1952 through 1955 which are known as Willys Aero. As you've seen here is one unmolested example of the Willys Aero 2-door sedan, released in 1953 almost 64 years old still in original condition, ready for daily use.

Not the most perfect but it's a perfect bone to restore, it has been driven about 72000 miles, no machanical issue, the exterior looks nice with a new paint and needs few work in interior side to be perfect. That was offered for sale in Craigslist asking $5556 located in Denver Colorado.

1951 Jeep Willys M38 Tactical Truck

1951 Jeep Willys M38 Tactical Truck

Nice WWII Heritage, 1951 Jeep Willys M38 Tactical Truck

Found this one pieces of World War II heritage, its so well-known as tactical and support vehicles in front line that was made by Jeep Willys for allied forces during WWII and used in europe and pacific wars. When wars end in 1945 most of them scattered from Europe to Asia Pacific and didn't comeback then was taken into private hands.

As shown here is a remarkable sample of the Willys M38 US Army Jeep for post war period manufactured in 1951 was looking for a new owner.

Daily Driver, 1959 Jeep Willys CJ6 4x4

Daily Driver, 1959 Jeep Willys CJ6 4x4

Daily Driver, 1959 Jeep Willys CJ6 4x4 Clean Original

Here's we found this one American coolest Jeep made by Willys. is a long wheelbase of the Civilian Jeep series commonly known as CJ6 built in 1959 still in original condition. Is quite rare in US, the CJ6 was simply a 20' more longer than CJ5 and was never very popular in the United States but is popular in Sweden and South America on its era.

As we've seen here it could be an perfect sample of the Jeep CJ6 4x4 as its ages and condition, claims is excellent condition as a daily driver car, frame is solid no rust or dent, complete seats but need installed rear seat, uncompleted some instruments on the dash. Not mentioned about restoration or rebuilt, the engine looks strong seemed is always been well cared for. Overall is really fun to kept it, especially like this condition.

The Jeep already offered in Craigslist about 11 days ago, asking for $5600, location in Newport Beach, California only for serious buyers.

Fully Restored, 1952 Willys Army Jeep

Fully Restored, 1952 Willys Army Jeep

This one of the WWII icons it the American military vehicle made by Willys commonly known as a Jeep, as the picture is a Willys M38 Army Jeep built in 1952 has been fully restored it come with machine gun... looking who's want to keep so its settlement territory is secure. It would be nice collection especially for the Jeep enthusiast.

The pics as confirm, restored according the original, excellent restoration car. Not much explanation from the seller, I hope it's a real car, runs and drives well, not a show car with machine gun. Body off frame restoration as its seller said. Overall it's a great pieces from the past glories. I want one.