July 25, 2013

Awesome 1989 Ferrari F40

Awesome 1989 Ferrari F40

Here's the most famous supercar in the world, which may be considered one of the single best supercars in history. Only 1,315 units were ever made in total between 1987 and 1992, and as shown in the pictures is one of them. Yes, it is an Italian Prancing Horse, the red Ferrari F40 built in 1989. The factory never intended to race the F40, but this car has won in race competitions, like finishing three times in second places and one time third in the GTO category in the Laguna Seca Raceway round of the IMSA. Despite the lack of factory backing, he has succeeded in many competitions.

The Ferrari F40 is built to commemorate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary, it was also the fastest, the most powerful, and the most expensive road car that Ferrari had ever made.

He has the competition blood. Begun in 1984 the Ferrari was looking to create a serious contender for the Porsche 959 in the infamous FIA Group B category, and then the F40 was born he is an evolution of the Ferrari 288 GTO and was designed by Leonardo Fioravanti at Pininfarina. Sadly the FIA canceled Group B in 1986, which left Ferrari with 5 288 GTO Evoluzione development cars and Enzo Ferrari decided to have them further developed into road cars.

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