August 16, 2013

1979 Renault Estafette Niki Laudas Ferrari Van Team

1979 Renault Estafette Niki Lauda's Ferrari Van Team

Here a Vantastic Renault Estafette. Let's remember on 1976 Formula One Grand Prix season, where the Ferrari team with his rider Niki Lauda competing to win on championship, and he snatch runner up of worlds championship at the end.

Maybe we never know, who's the support of team. Here one of them, the 1979 Renault Estafette Niki Lauda's Ferrari Van Team. You should know, this van since 1959 has been around on the same form, and this just property set for Rush movie, while is about the Formula one legend story the rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda on 1976 GP F1 season.

This adorable piece of French awesomeness, the Renault Estafette.
Photo credit: Silverstone Auctions