August 19, 2013

1961 Mercedes Benz O321H

1961 Mercedes Benz O321H Bus Converted Into Motorhome

Here's a super collector item, classic 1960s Mercedes-Benz buses. If you're American, this is extremely rare may never know unless you have traveled by public transport on Northern Mountain routes between Nepal, India, Tajikistan, South Asia, Switzerland, and Europe there is a large population of Mercedes-Benz buses there.

As shown here is a 1961 Mercedes-Benz O321H bus converted into a swank motorhome. This Mercedes-Benz bus was first put into service in 1961 when it shuttled around the Swiss national hockey team. After a few years, it was sold and converted into a luxury motorhome with two beds, two couches, a kitchen, a bathroom, and at least seven vinyl seats up front which may or may not be stock. Powered by a longitudinally mounted 5.7L OM322 diesel engine mated with a five-speed manual transmission, the bus is said to be a solid performer.

Source by Photo by Jay Ramey