January 15, 2014

1970 Saab 96 V4 Rally

1970 Saab 96 V4 Rally

1970 Saab 96 V4 Rally

Found this one of the legendary old rally cars, and one of a very few Saab rally cars produced. He has full FIA papers, always recorded history began he was born, this car is the most powerfull of all SaabS. If you interested this car being offered for sale in E-bay.

1970 Saab 96 V4 Rally is The Real Race Rally Car
Year contruction: 1970
Model: 96 RALLY
Engine: 1850cc V4, 4 Cylinders, Manual Transmission
Type Front Wheel Drive
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Interior: The interior is pure race car, racing buckets (with bare metal race car), harnesses and race gauges, full roll cage, racing seats with 5 point harnesses, HALDA TRIPMASTER, gauges, dead pedal for the navigator, dual fire extinguishers, battery cutoff switch and many extra toggles on the dash.

With have lot of power hide behind the hood, this car can screams I'M REAL RACE CAR!!! If you don't believe, please open the hood, so you will..., many unobtainium Saab race bits both seen and unseen.

Raw Power
Engine was built by Saab engine guru Bengt-Erik Strom, (Strom built virtually all of the factory rally engines, including those of Per Eklund and Stig Bloomqvist), and features dual cross flow manifolds, feeding the dual Weber Carbs. The valve train, for instance, include many one off Machined pieces, and the engine is good for 145-150 horsepower. The front wheel drive car features a close ratio gearbox, and Limited slip differential.

But please attentions her steering is heavy, design for running fast on the dirt, gravel and snow (the limited slip differential), so this is about pure the rally car.

Very great car for your collection, Make Offer