January 12, 2014

1973 Datsun 620

1973 Datsun 620, Vintage Pickup Truck

This a Japanese compact pickup trucks, design for economic cars made by Datsun. Early 70's this truck very popular he has design and power parameters attracted a great amount of customers around the worlds, not only in Japan, Asia, Africa but in North and South America, too. The most popular generation was produce in the year 1972, when first sketches of Datsun 620 appeared. The model was produced in the years 1973-1979.

About Owner this car
Juan had been looking for a nice project Datsun truck for about a year, and he came across this truck in the grass rotting away like most nostalgic classics. It was in horrible condition, but for 200$ a complete Datsun 620 was a steal. Juan has worked on this truck for 9 months religiously everyday and breathed new life back into a classic pickup with a little Japanese vintage and US flare all combined in one.